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Christian Cop (he/him)

Christian is a “do it all” type of student at Berklee College of Music. From musical pits to studios to stages, he has been everywhere there is to be in the music industry. He is fun and outgoing, constantly pushing his students out of their comfort zones to broaden their musical knowledge and skill simultaneously.

Christian believes that a good musician is a combination of their mind and their hands, so no student is ever left confused as to what they are doing. There isn’t a type of student Christian hasn’t worked with, from the shelled in piano player to the screaming drumset player. Toddler to Grandparent, or even the two in the same band, there isn’t a curveball you could throw at him that he wouldn’t catch. There is a way for every student to come out and show their talent. 

Christian is currently a dual major in Film Scoring and Video Game Scoring. He has played piano and brass instruments ever since he was in 3rd grade, and he has picked up and taught many other instruments along the way! He has written music in every style, and always has something ready to show to anyone who asks.
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