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Thank a Plugged In Staff Member!


At PluggedIn Band, we are incredibly proud of our staff members, who have shown dedication and compassion to the students and parents we’ve had the pleasure to serve in our online classes or events, especially in the challenging times presented by the pandemic. 


We ask that you join us in recognizing a PluggedIn staff member(s) by sending a "thank you" for their work to uphold the quality of care that each member of our organization deserves. If you know any particular staff member who has made a contribution that you feel should gain recognition, please let us know. 


Send us an email at and provide us the name of that staff member and a brief description of what this staff member has done for a particular individual or group that stands out to you. Please provide as much detail as possible, like providing the location and time it occurred if possible.


Let’s join together to show all our support!

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