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Zak Baskin

Bass – Beginner to Advanced

Guitar – Beginner to Advanced

Banjo – Beginner to Intermediate

Digital Audio Production – Beginner to Advanced

Zak Baskin.jpeg
Zak Baskin is a Boston based bass player born and raised in New York City. He has been actively performing around the New England and Tri State areas for the last 6 years in multiple bands across several genres of music. On top of his performance experience, Zak has also been the promoter for numerous shows around the Boston area, gathering a reputation for contributing to the local music community. Zak strongly values his connection to the music community at large and feels very passionate about helping up and coming local artists in anyway he can. Starting at Berklee College of Music in the fall of 2009 and ending in 2014 he graduated with two bachelors in music business and professional music. 
Zak’s teaching style hones in the importance and understanding that everyone learns differently. Putting yourself on the same level as the students learning style, understanding how they learn best, and then explaining the material is how you have a happy, successful learning experience. Experienced in many styles including rock, metal, funk, jazz, and classical Zak’s well roundedness has influenced the way he listens, thinks about and teaches music. Most importantly he feels that establishing and constantly practicing your fundamentals will propel your understanding and ability to new heights.

Check out some of Zak’s work with The New Review.
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