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Matthew Okun

Guitar – Beginner to Advanced

Bass – Beginner to Advanced

Drums – Beginner

Songwriting – Beginner to Advanced

Digital Audio Production – Beginner to Advanced

Matthew Okun is a creative, thoughtful, and adventurous guitarist, composer, songwriter and improviser. Matthew has played guitar and bass for over 14 years, has self-recorded and released numerous albums both by himself and with various ensembles, and has gone on several tours in the U.S. Born in Needham MA, Matthew received a Bachelor’s degree in Guitar Performance in New England Conservatory’s Contemporary Improvisation department, where his private studies included studio lessons with Carla Kilhstedt, Anthony Coleman, and Joe Morris. 

Besides extensive experience as a private lesson teacher, Matthew taught self-created curriculum at the Charles River Creative Arts Program for many years, teaching classes such as n   Beyonce cover bands, funk groups, and large-scale guitar workshops, as well as jazz ensembles, song-writing, and experimental performance/sound art. Recently, he spearheaded a new, more contemporary program through Boston Public School’s Summer Early Focus Program, where he taught young summer school students how to express themselves by creating beats and electronic music on iPads. 

An active freelance performer, Matthew has played all over the United States in an expansive array of styles and ensembles, from big band jazz at the Newport Jazz Festival and pop music at Philadelphia’s Kung Fu Necktie, all the way to free improvisation at the Stone in NYC and folk music in Boston’s Symphony Hall. He has performed not only as a guitarist, but as a vocalist, bassist, and drummer as well. Check out Matthew’s work, videos, and recordings at 

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