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Daniele Odasso (he/him)

Daniele Odasso is a singer-songwriter originally from Italy. He is currently active as a performer and voice instructor in New York and Boston.


Upon graduating from Berklee College of Music, as a scholarship recipient with a Major in Performance, he recorded his first album “Prelude to Your Love”, including collaborations with faculty members Donna McElroy, Omar Thomas and Dennis Montgomery III. Debuting with performances of his music in Boston and Italy, Daniele moved to New York in February of 2017 when his album was officially released and promoted with concerts across the city, featuring twice at the Make Music NY festival.


After studying different voice techniques, including the Speech Level Singing Method, Daniele began a new chapter. He travels to Germany twice a year to complete the official training of the Lichtenberger Method, a revolutionary approach that uses acoustic stimuli and sensory-based exercises to increase the proprioception of the voice in the body, with specific attention to the parameters of sound (vibrato, fundamental pitch, vowel, formants) that interact in a synergetic way within the nervous system of a singer.


As a voice instructor Daniele understands and supports the characteristic qualities of each student’s voice and the specific needs related to different stylistic backgrounds and repertoire. He encourages the shaping of a personal journey where the voice development nurtures a fuller sense of musicianship and becomes a guiding tool of self-discovery. His website and music can be found at

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