Scott Mizrachi

Guitar – Beginner to Advanced

Bass – Beginner to Intermediate

Drums – Beginner to Intermediate

Scott has 15+ years of performance experience. He has studied performance at Berklee College of Music and performed in various configurations from funk/soul ensembles, to folk-rock bands and and he writes his own music that he performs as a solo artist. 

He loves teaching because it allows him to share his love of music and help people grow creatively in the direction of their choice. His feeling is, if you’re choosing to invest in your artistic development, it should be an enjoyable experience based around what you’re interested in learning about. To that end, all of his lessons are customized to the tastes and preferences of each student. He works with his students to identify the goals they would like to work towards, the music they want to play and take concrete steps in line with their creative vision. 
Scott’s areas of expertise include folk, blues, rock, soul, funk and pop music with particular interests in songwriting and improvisation. However, he is versatile and open minded, so he is willing to apply his skills to help students learn any style or sound that they are excited about!